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Gutshaus Stellshagen 5 Day Pauschal Offer

Singing Music Meditation WorkshopCome and sing, play, dance, and meditate with us.

Singing and music are playful by nature, and play is one of the remedies for stress. Meditation goes the deepest when done with a light and playful approach. These two to three day workshops will include singing together, sound meditations, active moving meditations, including heart dance, and other juicy formats of moving our energy and coming together. We’re coming out at the end a newly born singing and dancing buddha.

Some of the techniques used in this workshop include:

  • The koan practice “Who is In”, or “Who am I?” grounds us in our truth of the moment.
  • Qi Qong Breath and Movement excercises to strengthen the hara and our centering.
  • Singing together simple mantras and songs opens us to connection and self love.
  • Sound meditations made with singing bowls, swarmandel, and tamboura connect us with silence.
  • We become enabled to trust being the joyful, juicy buddhas we really are.

The Hotel Gutshaus Stellshagen Mini Workshops also include:

  • 4 days stay in the Bio Hotel, with 3 full Vegetarian high cuisine meals.
  • 4 days of 3 hour Workshop time
  • Daily chance to share and receive feedback on how the workshop is progressing
  • Use of the Hotel Sauna and Nature Section
  • Daily use of the free hotel bikes
  • Morning and evening Hotel Program included from the TAO Wellness Team, with morning stretching, Yoga, and Meditations

–START Sunday at 17.00 to 18.00 o’clock.
Online Booking.

Jamie and Arpita have been musicians working with music as a path to silence and healing since the late 1970’s. It is through music, singing, and meditations that we can reach an inner place of silence. Connection with those around us is important to feel at peace, and music and singing creates that connection. It happens through opening the heart in trust, and saying yes to ourselves.

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We can sense there is different potential in life for us, a potential of living in a flow, in a let go. A potential of following our creativity and joy.