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Jamie and Arpita work internationally as therapists, musicians, and meditation leaders. Originally Jamie is American, Arpita is from Britain, and now both are based in Europe offering sessions, events, and workshops centered around sharing meditation, healing and music. Contact them here for information on their events, or visit the events calendar page.

Jamie St Clair, Arpita HamiltonJamie trained in University and graduate school in theater and performance arts and was singing since an early age. He discovered his passion for working with people in 1986 when he started as a massage therapist. He is trained in a variety of therapies including Colorpuncture. He is a certified facilitator of the Awakening of Love work (pathoflove.net) and the Who Is In work (Awareness Academy). He has been a therapist and meditation teacher since 1990 and has worked on five continents, including Japan, New Zealand, Canada, and Europe. He’s also a musician with four CDs published in a variety of genres, from meditation and new age music to Folk Rock. He lived in spiritual community as a musician and meditation leader for 12 years.

Arpita is trained and certified in: Craniosacral Balancing® Biodynamics, Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Healing, Esoteric Bodywork, Stillness in Water. Arpita has participated in the Satori Retreats with both Ganga Cording and Avikal Constantino, and organized the Satori Retreat for Ganga in Germany. She is registered as a Craniosacral practitioner and assistant teacher with the International Craniosacral Balancing Institute®, Switzerland. Arpita has lived in spiritual community in India and the West since 1976, and her work is deeply rooted in meditation. She has worked in many countries around the world including the Japan, Australia, the U.K., Germany, and India. She has lived and worked as a therapist and event leader in Germany since 2005.

“We have meditated alone and meditated together, sharing the experience with others. Both experiences are tremendously valuable, but sharing meditation through music adds a sparkle, a depth to the experience which is unique and joyful.

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