Gutshaus Stellshagen

Gutshaus StellshagenMany of Jamie and Arpita’s events, including the “Pauschale” or Mini Workshop, happen at the Biohotel Gutshaus Stellshagen. The charming old Gutshaus (which originally was a country residence) lies at the heart of the Hotel. It has many original features, including beautiful wood-panelling and the staircase, and is a listed building. It includes the restaurant, the bistro and some of the rooms and suites.

Being a Biohotel, all the food served from main courses to the cakes and pastries in the Bistro are all organic. The building itself is Bio standard, and care is taken that all the health related therapies and activities are in accordance to the highest standards of health awareness. The hotel is a place where you can be alone as much as you want, or enjoy the company of like-minded people in some of the group activities. Hotel phone: 038825 44100.