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Jamie Singing

In the singing events I’m offering to people the experience of connection, joy, and silence that singing together brings.

At the Singing Silence Joy (Gesang Freude Stille) event everyone is invited to sing. I accompany with a simple guitar accompaniment, and Arpita plays simple percussion and other interesting sound layers. I started in 1989 leading Music Groups and Heart Dance events. The songs are simple and easy to sing, some are Eastern mantras, some are Western folk songs which many will remember. Some of the songs we mix with simple dances, similar to Heart Dance, which are easy and fun, and often end with everyone having a good laugh. It’s a strong opportunity to open to the joy and heart connection that’s available in these groups.

You can hear samples of the songs we’re singing is in the video below.

Jamie lived and played music for nine years in the Osho spiritual community in India. In this time he gained a deep understanding of the relationship of music to silence and meditation. In his events and groups he offers people the opportunity to experience singing as a door to their inner beauty and connection to community.

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