Pythagoras the Mystic

Podcast: Listen to Osho speak on Pythagoras:
Each 25 centuries man becomes uprooted, and again the world is in a chaos. Again the wheel is in the same point, it always comes to the same point. Man becomes uprooted, starts feeling meaningless. All the values of life disappear. A great darkness surrounds, a sense of direction is lost. One feels accidental, there seems to be no purpose, no significance. Life seems to be just a byproduct of chance. It seems existence does not care for you. It seems there is no life after death. It seems whatever you do is futile, routine, mechanical. All seems to be pointless.

These times of chaos, disorder, can either be a great curse, as it happened in Atlantis, or they can prove a quantum leap in human growth.       — Osho, Philosophia Perennis, #1

Listen to more on this subject from Osho below. He speaks on who Pythagoras was, and what he accomplished in ways no one else seems to be aware of. Pythagoras is known for his contributions to mathematics, but according to Osho that was just one of his hobbies. Listen here: