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Who is In?Who am I? Who is in?

Good question. I am me – or… not? My name, race, religion, family background, profession – all fall short of defining who I am. When I stand before the mirror I see my body. But I am not just my body. I havea body. So, who is living in this body I call mine? Who is having this experience I call “my life?”

Who is In? is a process, a practice, and it comes in the form of evening events, one day events, two or three day workshops, and one and two week residential intensives. Our calendar page has the current Who is In? events.
The next events are scheduled for the Shendojo, Dorfstr. 32 a, 23948 Stellshagen. [map]

The Who is In work grounds us daily, hour by hour, minute by minute in our bodies, in the here and now. This leads to breaking free of the filters of our mind, which dwells on the past or future, and offers what we call a direct experience of ourselves.  The realization of a Koan is a moment of total presence and grace which is called Satori in the Zen tradition. It is a direct experience of our Truth.

The Koan practice involves communication and listening. Participants are in a group process, and at the same time on a journey that by it’s very nature is alone. Alone/and with others. There is no dialogue nor relation between participants, rather through the sharing/listening, each person becomes a silent witness for the other.

who is in?To help the process there will be active meditations, feedback, helpful insights from various ancient and modern mystics, and moments to rest for integration. The retreat takes place in silence – speaking is used only to communicate when answering the Koan – no social talking. Interviews happen regularly, which means Ganga meets with participants individually whenever needed, to support each person in the course of their personal journey.

who is in meditationBenefits can include:

  • It allows you to face and understand what prevents you from being yourself, from being simple and at peace with what is.
  • It offers a direct encounter with yourself.
  • A rediscovery of sincerity and renewed enthusiasm for the spiritual journey.
  • A loosening of the hold of the predictable personality.
  • More spontaneity and joy.